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Inspired by travel, surfing and snowboarding, maljé is designed for limitless adventures. The idea is to share the experiences we made on our travels through our own brand. We give you the opportunity to bring fashionable adventures into your wardrobe. We produce sustainable fashion that fits a modern lifestyle and also conveys a feeling of travel, freedom and individuality.

We integrate sustainability wherever we can!

maljé stands for a lifestyle in which sustainability is a matter of course. With our products we contribute to a better world because we act in an ecologically, socially and economically responsible manner and thus incorporate all three pillars of sustainability into our brand. It's not about offering you more and more, faster and faster, but a selected, high-quality range that will give you pleasure for a long time.

Of course, we are also aware that there is a hell of a lot of greenwashing going on in the fashion industry.
That's why we would like to show you exactly how we act sustainably from the materials to production and shipping.



100% organic cotton, renewable raw materials & recycled materials

At maljé, we make conscious choices about who we work with and what materials we use. We attach great importance to sourcing sustainable and high-quality raw materials that do not harm people, animals or the environment. Our main producers, one of which is already GOTS certified (the other is about to), only use certified organic cotton, recycled polyester and other sustainable materials such as modal, natural fibers such as banana, eucalyptus, lyocell, organic silk and vegan leather.


If sent, then sustainably.

We have been looking for packaging that is good for our environment and we are very happy to be able to offer one of the most sustainable options available. 

Our products are shipped in a grass paper box. In addition to the regular wood fibers, the cardboard also consists of 30% grass! Grass is a fast-growing commodity. It grows back faster than wood, which is why the packaging is more environmentally friendly. In addition, less water, energy and chemicals are required to produce the boxes. The transport of grass has also been optimized in such a way that large amounts of CO2 are saved compared to wood.

All other components of the delivery package such as the cards, wrapping paper or labels are also made of recycled paper or similar sustainable materials. We also decided against printing the boxes. So you can continue to use the box for sending parcels or as a storage box. 

Important: If you don't use the box any longer, dispose of it in the paper bin to support the recycling of waste paper. 

We ship CO2-neutral with DHL-GoGreen.


Responsible production

Since we value fair working conditions for factory employees, we consciously chose a main production partner with a limited number of factories. They offer us a tailor-made, high-quality, sustainable and fairly needled production. Our production partners visit their factories daily and make sure of the well-being of the employees and the fair working conditions on site. This is confirmed by the fact that production has been a member of the Fair Wear Foundation since 2012.


come! charity

Charity for Uganda

Supported by purchasing a product das

Project "Eight Paws for Uganda".

How it came about.

We take our dog Suki to the komm! Dog school. The trainers
there we helped to turn the cheeky street dog into a loyal companion.
In addition to all the power that the dog school staff put into the training of humans and dogs
stuck, the dog school is also involved together with Lichtstrahl Uganda eV
volunteer for projects in Uganda. In the current project “Eight Paws for Uganda”, the
dog school, two Labradors, Amalia and Noah, to therapy dogs, which will soon go to the
children's crisis center in Uganda to be there for the children. Come with a purchase!
Dog school products you automatically donate a contribution to this great project. All
Dog school members, but also all others who want to, are cordially invited, through the
shop and do good while shopping!

You can follow the project here:

Image by Vince Gx


Buying maljé products not only protects the environment and ensures fair working conditions and payments, but also supports projects in Senegal. 

Through the cooperation with the "Hilfe für Senegal eV" ( it is possible for us to have a direct influence on various aid projects.

Current project - digitization of a classroom

  • Malick High School Sy 

  • in Thiés 

  • second largest secondary school in the region

Due to the emergence of the pandemic due to Covid 19 in 2019, the school was forced to close. The students had to stay at home and due to the lack of digitization, the lessons could not continue for months. 

As committed as the school’s teachers were, they were unable to master this challenge due to the lack of equipment. They have realized that the lessons can no longer continue as before. The school must be digitized. The teachers were not idle and launched appeals to their charitable partners. 

Together with our partner, the association "Hilfe für Senegal eV", we offered help. And only with YOU can we keep our promise. From every item sold, part of the proceeds will be used to get a little closer to the goal! 

The aim of the project is to transform a completely normal traditional classroom into a multimedia room. It will first be renovated and then equipped with a white board, computers, tablets and other digital media. This is the dream of an entire school. Help us make the dream come true! 

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