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The Bird of Paradise

"The Bird of Paradise" - more than a T-shirt

The "Bird of Paradise Tee" is made of 100% organic cotton. It is cut oversized, with a characteristic graphic on the front and back. The print is based on the exotic strelitzia, which is also known as bird of paradise and parrot flower and may be familiar to some from vacations in the Canary Islands or Madeira. 

"The Bird of Paradise" - more than a T-shirt

The flower is so named because the flowers bear a striking resemblance to the head and crown of an exotic bird. 


The flower stands for:

  • Splendor of colors

  • Exoticism

  • Uniqueness

  • Extravagance


It symbolizes the beauty of nature and shows how diverse our earth and all living beings are. 

We would like to share this uniqueness and symbolism with you and carry it out into the world, so that the awareness of the beauty in everything is preserved. 

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