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Charity for Uganda

Supported by purchasing a product das

Project "Eight Paws for Uganda".

How it came about.

We take our dog Suki to the komm! Dog school. The trainers
there we helped to turn the cheeky street dog into a loyal companion.
In addition to all the power that the dog school staff put into the training of humans and dogs
stuck, the dog school is also involved together with Lichtstrahl Uganda eV
volunteer for projects in Uganda. In the current project “Eight Paws for Uganda”, the
dog school, two Labradors, Amalia and Noah, to therapy dogs, which will soon go to the
children's crisis center in Uganda to be there for the children. Come with a purchase!
Dog school products you automatically donate a contribution to this great project. All
Dog school members, but also all others who want to, are cordially invited, through the
shop and do good while shopping!

You can follow the project here:

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